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Blue Power - Concept


Blue Power - Floating Gas Power Unit with Carbon Capture

Technical Description

  • Floating unit with 100 - 750MW power generation plant​

    • Electricity delivered to platforms via subsea grid​

    • Use of known and well proven technology:​

  • Electricity production based on combined cycle configuration​

    • Use of gas (gas turbines + steam turbines)​

    • High efficiency ​

  • CO2 capture for the flue gas​

    • ~90% CO2 capture rate​

  • CO2 Storage ​

    • CO2 injected directly into nearby geological formation

Blue Power - Partnership


Deliver turnkey solution for the power unit, infrastructure and operations

  • Vendors and EPC yard joining forces to deliver a cost and time efficient execution

  • Design, Build, Own and Operate the power hub to offer the customers an alternative operation model


Blue Power - Preferred Suppliers

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